Breathtaking Folly

Everyone should try it at least once...

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Procrastinator. Lyric Mezzo. Not quite blond. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Lover. Working on being a Heavy Fighter. Lapsed Fencer. Scribe. Seamstress. Irish but playing Italian. Pumpkin after dark, but I'm willing to change that...
20th century music, absinthe, aleatoric harmonies, all souls day, anthropology, archaeology, arias, armor, art, art nouveau, baking, beech, bizet, black hat society, bones, brahms, calacas, calaveras, calligraphy, camping, carnival glass, castles, cathedrals, catholicism, catrinas, charm, chocolate, choirs, chopin, classical music, cloudy days, cooking, cordials, costuming, creme brulee, deconstruction, devotion, dia de los muertos, dr. seuss, dreaming, dressage, edward gorey, elder-goth, empty animals, equestrian arts, erotica, fairy tales, family, faure, fiber arts, florence, flowers, fog, folk art, foreign films, france, gardening, geology, ghost stories, glaziers, gold leaf, goth, gothic novels, grieg, halloween, heavy metal, hedge maze, home improvement, horses, illumination, ireland, ives, jane austen, jazz, klimt, krupnikas, kung fu, labyrinth, languages, leather, linen, living history, lullabies, massage, mel torme, monogamy, mosaic, movies, museums, music, musical theater, myths, neil gaiman, neolithic, newgrange, night, nursery rhymes, ocean, oil paints, oobleck, opera, painting, paleolithic, paris, patrick woodroffe, pavilions, polyphony, pride and prejudice, pubs, rain, reading, religion, rocks, romantic music, sarcasm, sca, schubert, schumann, sculpting, sensuality, sewing, shrines, side saddle, silk, singing, sketching, skulls, sondheim, soul, stained glass, steampunk, tattoos, tea, torch songs, travel, unconditional love, vardos, velvet, venice, wit, wool, words