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Yes, There's a Year to go But...

I like this particular example. I know it's not an evening dress, but I can always fix that by creating another bodice to trade out for formal occasions.

I also completely love this image... It was an insta-oooooo for me, even if it is pink!

And this one simply had to be posted for the color itself. *grin*

Hooray for clothing distractions!


Looking at houses on Monday.
To top it off, my Dad and my Uncle are staying the night at my house on Tuesday. A fast round of "Shovel the Hovel" will now commence...

Bits of Fluff

Saw a cluster of horses the other day... All decked out in western gear and working for their keep. Smack dab in the middle of the cluster was a little bitty pony in his own huge western saddle, little bitty rope over the horn, and a little bitty boy on top (obviously getting a training day on the property). Cute.

Mac 'n Cheese has sat in my fridge for three days. Unheard of.

Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Chip ice cream is lovely, but if you eat the entire pint... Oogy feelings ensue. Pairing it with Honey-Vodka sweetened iced tea is probably not the best choice either.

Running ZF as a 64 and then SFK as a 25... Is a humbling experience.

Sometimes, you still need your mom to tuck you in. No matter how old you get.

Teddy bears will always have a sympathetic ear. They might still have that skeptical eye, but that's just cause they remember the time you threw them in the dryer on hot to see what would happen...

Evenings are growing cooler. Autumn is on it's way. I feel the need for pencils and notebooks and whiffs of woodsmoke on the wind.

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”
--Lucy Maud Montgomery

There is something about watching "Little Women" and seeing bits and pieces of yourself in each of the March women. For good. For bad. A sense of nostalgia and a wished for future mingled together...

EDIT: Although I can find the soundtrack to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and the DVD of "The Corpse Bride" I cannot find the reverse. Yes, Ayloara, Target sucks in this respect and we are out of luck for the moment. Best Buy it is then...


I called in sick this morning. Why? Stupid reason. Cramps.

I've never used my period as a means to be out sick, but this morning it seemed the most logical thing to do.

I woke up feeling like I was turning inside out and that is unusual for me.

As the day has progressed, I've been hungry but without an appetite for anything. Needing to work on something, but unmotivated to move. Wanting physical contact, but repulsed by the idea of having anyone within ten feet of me. I've been almost grieving over the very physical evidence that I have let another month of fertility go to waste.

It's odd.

I thought I had gotten accustomed to the idea of never experiencing pregnancy. I was so sure that this is what my life would be and there would be no regrets. But sometimes---like today---I doubt. If you had asked me fifteen years ago, I would have told you that I wanted children. Possibly even an entire gaggle of them. I knew at least one would be a girl. Brown eyes. Brown hair. Elizabeth.

I know that as the years go by, another bead is passed across the wire to stack against me. I don't know if I truly want a child for myself or if carrying a child for someone else would suffice. I cannot see myself raising another human being, but I can see myself bearing one for friends who go without something they have been striving for.
All in all, I am sure that this is a phase of the moon. A trick of the hormones. That madness the first twenty-four hours of something often instills.

Nothing that a threesome with my two favorite boys can't fix.

Look out Ben and Jerry... We've got a hot date and I'm expecting chocolate covered cherries. Here's to mindless DVD consumption, purposeful caloric consumption, and a brighter morning tomorrow.

**Oh. And on the flirtation front with M? Back off before it reaches Epic Fail. I am throwing too hard at this point and he is politely dodging. I think this is part of the mope. He is nice and I do like him enough that I do/say things to try and make him smile. I don't want to make him flinch every time he sees me. That rather defeats my nefarious intentions... He is cognizant enough of my interest at this point, so now it's: "Watch it close. Let it brew. Wait... "

***And I miss lying in the dark with someone... Singing them to sleep...

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Chores, Chores, Chores...

So, instead of going to today's event I decided to lounge around at home and do the Hermit Thing... *niiiiiiiice*
Sleeping in.
Doing laundry.
Ironing miles of linen.
Playing on the internet at whim.
A lovely, leisurely day. The only thing I lacked was a particular movie... For some reason, I have the most acute desire to watch Anne of Green Gables. I haven't seen that in years and I do miss it so. Oh well. I have made do with Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings instead.

**Oh. And since I'm doing chores today, these are the shoes of the moment. Makes chores much more plesant this way... **

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This amused me greatly...

It fits in so well with yesterday's theme...

Saturday, Aug 23rd, 2008 -- You are somewhat agitated by your friends or by those in your work group. You prefer to stay on the outer edges of other people's worlds now; you really don't want to get too close. Yet the attraction to a totally new experience may get your curiosity going so strongly that you cannot shut it down. Ultimately, you'll need to follow through with your crazy idea, whether you should or not.

**Ariah, this does not mean you are right!**

Dinkin' around on da pony...

Tonight was a nice, low-key evening. After a raucous bit of time teasing and antagonizing Mr. B (poor boy, being alone in a house full of women out for blood and tears... hehe), Ariah and I headed out to play with the ponies.

Willy got a pedicure while I held his big 'ole back feet... Damn. I'm glad he isn't a stomper! He has got some honkin' huge hooves and having Tex smash my foot last year was enough broken bones to last me a lifetime. I don't want to even contemplate what feet like Willy's would do to a person! Yikes!

Lethe-Lamb was not in need of having her feet messed with. They are still tiny and cute and utterly, utterly adorable, but perhaps I'm a bit biased? Maybe. She is filling out so nicely! Her ribcage is starting to look smoother---none of that horrible, sharp jutting out that she once displayed---and her hips are filling back in. She is growing an ass again! WOOHOO! Bits and pieces are falling off to show glimpses of a pretty little mare under the sloughing skin and scruffy coat. Where she's grown back smooth, she's sleek and glossy and soft. A little lost selkie. I hope she lives long enough that I can help make up for what she has lived through to get her to Ariah. She deserves to go out fat and happy, whatever happens.

Back to the working. Lethe got to visit the back pasture tonight. After getting invited to leave her little pen (which she did so politely---no barging into the barn or taking off into the yard---even without a halter on) we got out back to explore a bit and work on lunging. Walking, trotting, and random grazing was accomplished. Lethe-Lamb is quite happy to lunge, but we will have to work on signaling the walk. Apparently, our signal for moving back to a walk translates to "change directions" for her... She also has a tendency to come back to me and check how we're doing about every five times around.

Manners while being led are also being worked on. Excitement over being out of her pen makes her a tad buzzy (a much smaller---as in half the weight---bit of buzzy than Reggie was on Saturday, thus more manageable) but she takes correction well. It's a bit like walking with a two-year-old through a toy store. Just keep a firm grip and remind to "Look with your eyes and not with your hands..." Progress though.

Reggie got a Hot Day Sympathy Ride. What's that? That would be just a bareback pad (icky hot saddle for another day) and some casual trolling around the back. We did a little bit of a sitting trot---mostly to look like we were keeping up with Ariah on Willy, so Reggie wouldn't feel completely left out---which is an interesting thing with a sharp spine under you. Manageable, but occasionally owie. Must work on that. Reggie is so headstrong compared to Lethe. She argues with me about picking up her feet. She snubs me if I show too much affection to Lethe. She wants to push my boundaries and figure out where I will let her get away with things. *sigh* Reggie is my teenager.

It is late, and while I'm sure I could continue typing, I must away to my bed.

Good night all.

*snort* Secret-Schmecret

The Part of You That No One Sees

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You have an outrageous personality...

And you secretly resent anyone who makes you tone it down.

Underneath it all, you are driven by your need for attention and acceptance.

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Who the hell am I kidding? *SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!*

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November 5th

1499 - Publication of the Catholicon in Treguier (Brittany). This Breton-French-Latin dictionary was written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc. It is the first Breton dictionary as well as the first French dictionary.

1605 - Gunpowder Plot: A plot led by Robert Catesby to blow up the English Houses of Parliament is thwarted when Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, finds Guy Fawkes in a cellar below the Parliament building.

1872 - Women's suffrage: In defiance of the law, suffragist Susan B. Anthony votes for the first time, and is later fined $100.

1911 - Roy Rogers, American actor (d. 1998)

1913 - Vivien Leigh, English actress (d. 1967)

1941 - Art Garfunkel, American musician

Deaths: ('cause I wanted to know...)
1942 - George M. Cohan, American musician, actor, writer, and composer (b. 1878)

1975 - Edward Lawrie Tatum, American geneticist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1909)

1985 - Spencer W. Kimball, twelfth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (b. 1895)

New Zealand, United Kingdom and the province of Newfoundland & Labrador (Canada): Guy Fawkes night (also called Bonfire night; or Fireworks night): Failure of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament in 1605 is celebrated with bonfires and fireworks.

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St. Domninus
St. Galation
St. Magnus
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Today's moment of amusement?

After checking with a couple of co-workers about a particular neighborhood in Ceres---and being told with wide-eyed horror I'd need to invest in a gun---I checked my realty site for info. Not only did I see my own place up for sale (350 days on the market and no bites, hahahahahahahhahahaha... TAKE THAT! Evil-penny-pinching Landlady!!!), but I found out *my* neighborhood is 30 points higher on the crime scale than the "bad" Ceres address.

Interesting how prejudice still colors some folk's opinions when it comes to a "good" area.

And the Doctor Says...

Tension headaches leading to migraines.

1. Stretches to loosen the neck and shoulders up.
2. 10-15 minute break with an ice pack on the back of my neck the next time I feel a big headache creeping up.
3. One emergency dose of Maxalt-MLT to try out the next time a whizz-banger hits (to see if it works for me before going to the trouble of prescribing it). Luckily it's a fast dissolving tablet, so I won't have to worry about vomiting it up before the pass-out phase.
4. A very polite and daintily put suggestion to exercise more often (which should reduce migraine episodes).

Now to put this into action. Stretching will now be part of my wake-up and before bed routines. Extra walking will be added in. Maybe I'll even get bold and start doing an exercise DVD as well (I own far too many to justify at my present activity level).

*I must find my living room floor first, or I will be back in the office for a sprained ankle.*


Being a big girl and getting meds for migraines. Appointment is tomorrow.

10mm Away and Killing

The rule with silk is generally "10 feet up and fluttering" when applied to how picky one should get... In this case, I hope it gets torn to shreds (if even half as battered as Heinrich's banner was, then I will be happy) so the gooby bits won't get noticed as much. *grrrrr* We hates the gooby bits.

*EDIT* USPS Tracking has confirmed that the package has been delivered to Neva and it can get on the plane with her (and be Pennsic-bound) tomorrow!!! WOOHOO!!! One less thing to worry about...

Pony Owie Update

Here we are at day 6 in the bruising process. Much more colorful in person and still a bit tender to the touch (limiting my choice of shoes *pout*). The bruising is also migrating across the front of my ankle, down the side, and onto the top of my foot. The swelling has gone down quite a bit and is now mostly living in the more colorful areas.

Something tells me I need to buy proper riding boots and stop wearing my Chucks!

Don't let Lethe's bony little butt fool you... She still weighs more than enough to squish feet! And that pink-ish mark in the center is where her hoof slid down my ankle before she hit the ground. We must work on our antsy-ness when out on walks.

I always do this when I'm learning something new.

When I was taking viola lessons, I was constantly slicing my fingertips open with razor blades (work hazard... trimming problem not a cutting one... lab joke, haha) same with piano.

When I started taking heavy combat lessons with Gemini, it was just after I'd jacked up my shoulder taking down a huge pavilion. I couldn't lift my right arm over my head for weeks without tearing up. Solution? Fight lefty. Which I like.

With ponies? Getting my feet stomped seems to be the theme. To top it off, I'm not even getting stomped by the one I'm riding! Oh. Update on the pony-weight-loss-system... down 1.5lbs from my last weigh in. Total of 8lbs. from my highest weight at a couple of weeks ago. Slow and steady is the course. I'll take it off as she puts it on and we'll meet somewhere in the middle. I still think this is a completely bizarre reason to want to drop poundage, but I'll keep going for as long as I can stand it.


Feast good.
Food done.
Home now.
Feet scrubbed.
Nell tired.
Sleep good.
Post tomorrow...

Update before bed...

Four batches of sweet tart dough are chilling in the fridge.
I found about a dozen more shortbread bars hiding in the freezer, so the count is now somewhere around 116 cookies.
The apple tart will be baked on site in the morning and then cooled till dinner time.
The clotted cream will be made tomorrow as well.
I hope I don't forget anything in the morning.
I really, really hope I've made enough for everyone to be happy with what they're getting...
104 cookies made it out of the oven intact. (I broke a couple... ) I think I should pick up a pastry bag with a tip to dispense the cream. That might work best. And be pretty...
Wally world is open early---even though I detest the damn place---so I guess I'll be stopping there on my way to site. Grocery store for snacky things. Must remember to bring comfy chairs and fans. Just in case...
Oh. And ibuprofen. Bring that too.