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Crazy Poison Lady Update

I guess it was a good decision to stay home from Collegium today, 'cause I got a couple of things done that I wouldn't have otherwise.

1. Landlady came over and replaced my kitchen blinds. Fabulous, new, aluminum, and squeaky-clean! Having my landlord standing in my kitchen sink was an interesting addition to my day.

2. Gave them my rent check a week early. She was quite surprised and very cheerful about that.

3. Got to pass on the news of the crazy lady directly to my landlady. She was not amused by this woman's paranoia, but also not surprised. She's been quietly getting updates from the other tennants about our little loony. So far she hasn't been anything I would deem dangerous, but at least we're all aware that she's off her rocker should anything suddenly change.

4. Scared the crap out of my landlady by telling her what I do for fun when I go camping. She about had a fit when I showed her my helm. Hehehe... That was fun.

5. It's taken me five years, but I've finally figured her out. She is amazingly literal. Figurative speech does not translate for her and it makes explaining things very... interesting. She's still an odd cookie, but at least I now know how to modify my conversations with her in order to invoke the least ammount of confusion and mis-communication.

6. I'm in a Kung Fu mood today. Good thing I have several movies that fit that mood...

7. I need a soda. Yup. Going to get one. Bye-bye!


Oct. 26th, 2008 02:26 am (UTC)
RE: #6
I can't wait till Kung Fu Panda comes out, that movie is awesome.

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